Proposing at Animal Kingdom

In February of 2014, I began the exciting process of buying an engagement ring and planning my proposal to the love of my life, Melanie. Fast forward to March and I was down on one knee, in front of the Tree of Life, proposing to my best friend. And better yet, she said yes!

In this article, I want to share my 3 tips for proposing at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Now, you may be thinking "Scott, isn't the Magic Kingdom the most romantic place to propose?" and you may be right. However, for myself, I felt Animal Kingdom was the most beautiful place to propose. I also felt that since we didn't have too many memories at this then half-day park that this would be a great way to make a lasting memory at a park we love so much. I also knew that the scenery around us would be gorgeous, especially in the morning, and that the photos would come out great.

Tip #1 is all about location. Because Animal Kingdom is so covered by trees and because the paths aren't entirely obvious like at EPCOT and MK, it's easy to get lost around Animal Kingdom. My advice is to have a map available to you during the planning process so you know how to get to where you are going to propose in the park. There are many beautiful sights, like the Tree of Life and Expedition Everest but you may not remember how to get to them when your nervously about to propose.

Tip #2 is crucial because it involves bringing a friend or family member to help execute the proposal. For my proposal, I secretly invited my future sister-in-law who got their early to ensure that the spot I picked out was not under refurbishment or anything silly like that. She was also there to take photos. Beforehand, I prepped her using a map on where I'd be proposing and where she should hide. I also changed her name in my cell phone so I could text her where we were without setting off any alarms with my future wife. She was also aware of where photographers were which is my third tip.

Tip #3 revolves around photographers. As you enter Disney's Animal Kingdom and make your way towards the bridge to Discover Island, you'll notice at least 3 photographers standing on the bridge. If you have a friend or family member meeting you, have them grab a photographers attention. The photographers at Disney LOVE photographing proposals and will gladly surprise the happy couple by seemingly appearing out of thin air to photograph the magical moment. For my sister-in-law, the photographer gave her his number and told her to text him as soon as we were almost in place so he could leave his post to capture our moment. And he did an AMAZING job capturing it, taking at least 25 photos of the entire process. It made the memory that much more magical.

PRO TIP: You can also plan with Disney's floral department to have the moment be even more special with a glass slipper, photographer and more depending on the park and your budget. Oh, and don't forget your "Happily Ever After" buttons!

I hope that this helps you in your plans for proposing at Walt Disney World. If you aren't planning to propose anytime soon, I hope you at least enjoyed hearing at least a small piece of the very magical story of our Disney engagement.

If you have any questions about proposing at Disney's Animal Kingdom, please let us know in the comments below!