Announcing Trade Street USA 4

We are incredibly pleased to announce the entirely new Trade Street USA 4. Our 4th version is poised to be our greatest, as we have rethought the entire site from the ground up. Trade Street USA is all new with over 25 changes, from the engine running our amazing community, to the design you see, and everything in between. Let's take a look at just 6 of the key changes after the break...

All-New Forum Engine

For the past 16 months, we have utilized the free forum engine PHP Bulletin Board. This system has met our needs to date, and we thank the developers of that software for creating something so great. But our community is growing, and so are our needs. To fulfill those needs, we have made a change in forum software. We are happy to announce that we are switching to the premier forum engine, Invision Power Board. This will allow for faster load times, modern HTML5 code, round the clock server support, and so much more. The possibilities are now endless.

All-New Design

With the change in forum engine, we felt it was also necessary to overhaul the design of the site. While the design has seen some changes over the past 16 months, this new design is radically different and incredibly modern. Featuring our new Alternate logo in the upper right, and a new backdrop, our all new design is simply awesome. We set out to create less clutter with a focus on content, and we feel confident that this design succeeds in that goal.

Facebook and Twitter

For the past 16 months (Literally!) we have been getting requests nearly every day for deeper Facebook and Twitter integration. You'll be happy to hear we've heard all your requests. That's why we are happy to share that Trade Street USA 4 will be FULLY integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Current users can add-on their Facebook/Twitter accounts for easy single logins, and new users can register for the site by simply logging in with their Facebook or Twitter account. You can also share each post to any of close to a dozen social networks.

Real-Time Trading System (Beta)

This next feature, we believe, will help revolutionize the trading community. We are happy to introduce our all new Real-Time Trading System. One of the most difficult parts of trading is waiting for the other person to respond to a trade request. With our Real-Time Trading System, the waiting is over. Simply engage another users in a Real-Time Trading Chat and you are finalizing a trade deal in minutes, maybe evens seconds! Or, just chat. The choice is yours.

Reputation Engine

We have built our community on trust. With our 10 post requirement for all trading, we are allowing our users to get to know new users by chatting first before they trade. With Trade Street USA 4, we are taking this trust factor to the next level. We are happy to introduce our all new reputation engine. By liking another users post, you grow their reputation score. The higher the score, the more respected that user is. The best part is, you can't like your own posts, so it's a completely organic reputation score.


We are happy to share that all of these feature and more will be available on mobile devicess FOR FREE to all users, from Day 1! No longer will we have to purchase third party applications to take advantage of Trade Street USA on-the-go.

But ScottDog, When?

The new site launches very soon. We think you are really going to love it.

We may experience temporary moments of downtime during the transition. We thank you for your understanding.