Announcing Trade Street USA 5

We are incredibly pleased to announce the entirely new Trade Street USA 5. We have been working incredibly hard to take Trade Street USA to the next level, and with version 5, we think we have done just that. Not only is Trade Street USA 5 chock full of refinements, but we have taken that fantastic base that was Trade Street USA 4 and added some amazing new features. Our launch back in March of Trade Street USA 4 had a "new feature" list of 19 items. Trade Street USA 5 has a "new feature" list of over 60 items. This is poised to be our greatest, and biggest, launch yet. We'd like to share with you a sneak peak of what's coming in Trade Street USA 5. Mentions

When we set out on developing ideas for Trade Street USA 5, we always had one major feature in mind: @mentions. Much like on Facebook and Twitter, we have set up a system to allow our members to tag other members in a post, by simply @mentioning them. Once that user is tagged (ie. @username), they will receive a push notification letting them know that they have been @mentioned and where. It's that simple.

Disney Parks

I think each and everyone of us would argue that the greatest places on earth are the Disney theme parks and resorts. Be it Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, EPCOT or even Tokyo DisneySea, the Disney Parks always find a way to make us smile. And our members love sharing stories and advice on how to best enjoy the Disney Parks. Because of that, we are expanding our sub-forum on Disney Parks Discussion into a brand new area: "Kingdom of Magic" In a new section inside the "Kingdom of Magic," we will be auto-posting each and every news article from the Official Disney Parks and Merchandise Blog for our users to read and discuss.

Disney Snapshots

If there is one thing that we know for sure about our community, it's that our members LOVE photos. Specifically, photos from the Disney Parks and of Disney Collectibles. With Trade Street USA 5, we are bringing this knowledge to life in a big way. Inside the brand new "Kingdom of Magic" section, we will have a whole new sub-forum called "Disney Snapshots" where members are free to share as many photos and videos of their Disney Parks vacations, hidden Mickey finds, Vinylmation at the park and more. To make this section even more special, we have partnered with the Instagram pages of VinylmationWorld, VinylmationDreams, VinylmationAdventures, our own page and more pages soon to bring even more magical photos to the "Disney Snapshots" section, automagically for our members to enjoy and talk about.

Custom Creations

At Trade Street USA, we love custom artists and their work. So much so, that we created Custom Artist Appreciation Month which takes place each January. But showcasing the work of talented custom artists in a big way should occur more than just once a year, once every couple months, or even once a week. It should occur each and every day. With that said, we are excited to share that we have partnered with long-time Trade Street USA Custom Artist friend Cesar Diaz of Customations and another surprise artist to showcase their work on a daily basis. To do that we will be posting their work in our renamed Custom Creations forum for our users to enjoy and discuss, each and every time they create something!

Trade Street Tribune

One of the greatest parts of being a member of the Trade Street USA community is your ability to share opinions freely and openly with the rest of our community. Our members are so gracious and make sharing our thoughts so enjoyable. With Trade Street USA 5, we plan to take this understanding to the next level with the all new Trade Street Tribune. Trade Street Tribune will be a bi-monthly (every two weeks) article focussed around one simple question and the detailed and opinionated responses from each member of the Trade Street USA team. We want our members to get to know us better and we want to share our thoughts with them! Trade Street Tribune will be available via email subscriptions on Trade Street Town Hall, the Trade Street Town Hall Bulletin Board,, and of course on the Trade Street USA discussion board.

Some of the other 50+ features to look forward to include...

  • New banner art designed by JReyDesigns
  • Easier access to our Social Network pages
  • Redesigned Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • Improved registration process

When does Trade Street USA 5 Launch?

The rollout of Trade Street USA 5 will be completed, in phases, by May 29th, 2013. A phased launch will provide our users with a smooth roll out with extremely limited downtime.