Mickey's Avenue 1.0 Released

We are so incredibly excited to introduce you to the entirely new Mickey's Avenue, available at www.mickeysavenue.com

This is the 1st major release of Mickey's Avenue and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on. To do that, we've broken up the many new features into three categories: Design, Format and Community.


For our first ever Mickey's Avenue release, we focussed heavily on design clarity. The design of Mickey's Avenue is purposefully simple with expansive white space and beautiful typography. We allowed the content to shine by keeping the design itself out of the way.

However, do not let the simplicity fool you. This design is advanced in every possible way. From mobile responsiveness to the parallax effect on the homepage banner and even the slideshow features on our brand new photo and video galleries, Mickey's Avenue 1.0 features the latest web standards and design techniques. Mickey's Avenue is also happily powered by Squarespace.


Mickey's Avenue is all about helping our community get the most out of their Disney vacations by sharing our experiences through our blog, photo gallery, video gallery and community.

When you visit Mickey's Avenue, you'll be greeted by our all-new landing page which gives you a brief description about each of our primary categories of content with a link directly to them. This allows our guests to navigate the site and consume the content in exactly the way they want.


We are pleased to introduce our all-new Mickey's Avenue discussion community which we have launched exclusive on Facebook Groups. Now, you can meet other like-minded Disney fans and discuss all things Disney in a safe, friendly and convenient environment.