ScottDog Studios is now Trade Street Studios

For the past 7 years, every website I (Scott) have created has been "produced" by ScottDog Studios. Every piece of freelance work I used to do, every time I developed a fan site or discussion board, I always did it under the studio name of ScottDog Studios.

But back in 2011, I launched Trade Street USA, and shortly after that,  "I" became "we." No longer was I working on sites alone, but I now had a dream team working with me to create these projects. Folks working on our Social Networks and others working on the Trade Street USA discussion board. And since that day, the only projects WE have worked on, are those in the Trade Street USA family. And that's how we plan on keeping it.

I am so grateful to have a team to work alongside to provide Trade Street USA and the family of projects it brings with it, including Trade Street Town Hall, Trade Street General Store, our Social Networks, and even our future plans. Because of that, our name "ScottDog Studios" doesn't make sense anymore.

We are happy to share today, that we have dropped the name "ScottDog Studios" and will become "Trade Street Studios." Trade Street Studios will be focussed solely on continuing development of Trade Street USA and every other aspect of our Trade Street USA community.

PS: We have some exciting Trade Street USA news to share VERY soon. Stay tuned! #5