Trade Street USA 5.1 Released

We are incredibly pleased to announce the first major update to the entirely new Trade Street USA 5. In Trade Street USA version 5.1, we are not only increasing security and refining the site even more, but we are adding some amazing new and revolutionary features. We'd like to share some of them with you. Feedback System

Something that has always been missing from the Vinylmation and Disney Collectible trading community as a whole has been a trader-tradee feedback. With Trade Street USA 5.1, we are unveiling our very own Trader Feedback engine. Users can now leave positive, negative, or neutral feedback on another user after a trade has been completed. The feedback can also include a link back to the original trade topic and integrates right into your very own custom profile on Trade Street USA. And with Facebook and Twitter login/registration support, it couldn't be easier or more enjoyable to trade on Trade Street USA.

To provide feedback, click FEEDBACK on the top menu bar, and search the persons username on the right. Then select LEAVE FEEDBACK and you are ready to leave feedback! It's that simple. (Feedback is Admin monitored)

Feedback scores are viewable under every users avatar, on their profile page, and on the Feedback page. Top scorers will be showcased on the homepage sidebar.

Who's Online?

Trade Street USA has a fantastic community of amazing people who enjoy sharing stories, trading, and talking with each other. But to date, if you want to know who is online, you'd have to go back to the homepage to see. With Trade Street USA 5.1, we are making it even easier to see who is online, but adding a banner above each person's avatar to indicate whether they are online. Now you know if someone you recently befriended is online when you are looking to take part in a Trade Street Trading Post trade chat with them.

Welcome Message

Joining a new site can be intimidating, we know, but we are here to help. We want to make sure that from your registration, to your first post, to your 1,000th post, you are enjoying the site. To help you hit the ground running, we are introducing a new Welcome Message on Trade Street USA that all new users will see. It'll provide information you need to get started and get trading.

UI Enhancements

We are constantly evaluating the user experience on Trade Street USA, and we are happy to share one of the new features we are integrating into the site with Trade Street USA 5.1. It's called Smooth Scrolling. Smooth Scrolling allows the user to go from the bottom of the site to the top of the site with one click. No longer do you need to scroll yourself. And with a brilliant animation, it's a unique and awesome new addition to the site.

Some other features to look forward to include…

• The welcomed addition of Artist Mirande Legendre to our Custom Creations section. • Trade Street Trading Post has finally exited beta after a successful pre-launch on March 29th. • Enhanced reCaptcha support for new users (to further prevent spam) • Trade Street Tribune integration with Trade Street USA - Front Desk