Trade Street USA 5.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the next major update to the entirely new Trade Street USA 5. With Trade Street USA version 5.2, we invested heavily in the growth of our Reputation Engine, bringing forth a ton of great new features and enhancements. We'd like to share some of them with you. Reputation Viewing

Our members love boosting other members Reputation scores, by pressing the LIKE button below each post (or the <3 on Tapatalk)

We will now be showcasing each and every users Reputation score more prevalently on each members profile page and below their avatar next to each post. This will provide our users with the opportunity to see another users Reputation score in real-time, as well as their brand new Feedback score and more.

By providing this information, we are making it even easier for each member to decide whether they should make that trade now or wait and build more trust with the other member involved.

NOTE: Forum Staff is exempt from receiving a score via the Reputation System.

Reputation Showcase

When it comes to showcasing our members reputation scores, we aren't stopping at profile pages and next to each post. We are happy to share that we will be showcasing the Top 20 in reputation score at the bottom of our site as part of an enhancement to our forum statistics. Beyond that, we will also be showcasing the Top 5 scorers on the sidebar of the page so each new and current user can see who the most reputable users are, as voted by the other members.

Reputation Notifications

Because the Reputation System is so important to our users, both for their day to day enjoyment of the site and the trust they need to have in other member, we have decided to enhance our notification system specifically for Reputation. Whenever a members reputation score goes up, they will receive a Private Message letting them know the details of the rise and giving them kudos!

Referrals System

One of the best ways to make sure you have the greatest collectors on Earth with the highest integrity, is to encourage those who meet that specification to invite their most trusted friends to join with them. In Trade Street USA 5.2, we are implementing a referral system that provides us with just that. To put it simply, when a Verified Member refers a friend, they let us know you referred them upon registration and now we have another trustworthy collector to trade with. And to sweeten the pot, we will be offering a free (non-outlet) Vinylmation each Quarter to the member who refers the most new members who stay and make our community even greater. And each time your referred member makes a new topic, replies to a current topic or posts a certain number of times, you will get Reputation Points! It couldn't be simpler.

To refer a friend, click your name in the upper right of the page and choose MY SETTINGS, then click Referrals on the blue Menu Bar. (Or try this link!).

You can also copy and paste your personal referral URL on the right sidebar under the "Referral Link" section and email it to any of your friends!

Some other features you can now enjoy include…

• A Happy Birthday message from the team on your birthday. • Reputation is now enabled on our mobile site. • Date and Time information for each reputation bump. • Enhanced forum statistics site-wide. • Architectural modifications for future updates. • Further UI, security and performance enhancements • Introduction of internal build numbers.