Trade Street USA 6.1 Released

We are very happy to share that Saturday, November 9th, 2013 marks our 2nd birthday! To celebrate, we have updated the site with a few new enhancements and design changes. Here’s whats changed:
New Tagline
For our 3rd year at Trade Street USA, we are keeping with tradition and changing our tagline again. Our previous tagline, “What will you trade next?” has been retired and we are excited to share our new tagline: “Keep Calm and Trade On!”
New Banner
To go along with our new tagline, we are introducing an all new banner, designed by our very own JRey508 of Jeff did an amazing job incorporating some really great Vinylmation into our new banner and of course we love the nice easter egg in the background. We think you’re really going to love it.

Performance Mode

Performance Mode automatically examines what members on the site are doing to make sure that those aspects are always the fastest performing. Essentially, if nobody is looking at the calendar, the site won't focus much processing attention on it, instead focussing it's power on what is needed. This makes sure that no matter what, the site is always loading the fastest it possibly can.