Trade Street USA 6 Announced

We are incredibly pleased to announce the new and improved Trade Street USA 6. With TS6, we set out to the site a lot easier to use. We spent close to 4 months reimagining how each aspect of the site could be made simpler and more enjoyable. We’d love to share a few of these changes with you now.

Simpler Layout
With Trade Street USA 6, we took time to re-evaluate each and every one of our features to ensure that they provided the best experience possible. What we found is that we had too many features. making the site feel cluttered and this was overwhelming. We went back to the drawing board, removed quite a few rarely used features and clewed up the overall layout of the site to ensure that it it easier to use than ever. With the ability to login with Facebook and Twitter, it couldn't be easier to join and get started.

Trading for Everyone
First and foremost, we are very excited to share that the Trade Street USA Reputation System and Feedback System have become so easy-to-use, that we have decided to remove the 10 post requirement for trading and selling! This means all you have to do is join the site and you can begin trading and selling right away. It’s that easy!
We are also very excited to introduce a couple new styles of trading; Mystery Trading and Pay-it-Forward Trading. Mystery Trading is where one member exchanges Vinylmation with another member, but neither member knows what they are getting. Pay-it-Forward trading is when a member claims a “known figure” and offers up a known figure for the next person to claim. More details will be available in the new sections dedicated to these styles on the forum.
Raffle System!
Trade Street USA 6 also brings with it a new system for fun and exciting raffles! Fully integrated into the site is our new Raffle system where the system allows members to buy raffle tickets for an item that is up for raffle, securely with PayPal, and auto generates a winner! We have already tested it out and one lucky member spent $1 and won $20 worth of great traders! How awesome is that!?!?
Addition Features coming soon include…
  • Enhanced Tagging Support
  • Support for Popular Tags Feature
  • Improvements to Search
  • Frequently Asked Questions