Trade Street USA 7.1 Released

We are thrilled to share that today we are releasing the first update to the radically new Trade Street USA 7. With Trade Street USA 7.1, we are introducing a few really great new features. We’d like to take you through a couple of them now.

Best Answer

With Trade Street USA 7.1, we wanted to take the user experience to the next level by placing increased importance on member reputation. To do this, we are happy to introduce an awesome new feature that we call “Best Answer,” where an Administrator or Moderator will manually choose the most LIKED response OR most accurate response to a topic to be highlighted as the “Best Answer."

Best Answer allows members to easily find what the community agrees is the most liked answer to a topics question, ie. the “Best Answer.” This curated system will only apply to topics that pose a question. Best of all, we will be showcasing the Top 5 members with the most “Best Answers” right on the homepage and you will receive a Reputation point bump every time you are credited with a “Best Answer.”

Here is a preview of what a "Best Answer" will look like. As you can see, the best answer is clearly highlighted in bright green above the topics question for quick access.

Screenshot 2014-01-22 21.06.59

Trade Street Studios Update

We are so happy to finally unveil the all new Trade Street Studios mobile design. This design natively adapts to whatever size web-browser you're using and displays the latest Trade Street Studios content in an easy to read, full-screen, format. We think that this will make browsing Trade Street Studios to check out the latest TSUSA news, leave feedback, and more an even greater experience.  
Screenshot 2014-01-22 21.24.41

Other changes include…

  • Now, even newly registered members can leave Feedback after their first trade.
  • Reorganized the navigation bar to focus on finding Members and providing Member Feedback after a sale/trade