Trade Street USA 9 Released

We are pleased to announce that the 9th major release of Trade Street USA has gone live with a number of new features and a brand new mobile design that we think you’re really going to love. Over the past couple of months, we have been hard at work refining the finer details of our new homepage and blog while working on an all new experience for our mobile visitors. We receive an astronomical percentage of our traffic from those of you on the go and we wanted to do everything in our power to make sure that your experience is everything you’d hope it would be. (Editor's note: our blog has surpassed 70 articles!)

Refined Mobile Design

We spent a lot of time during the development of Trade Street USA 9 trying out new designs for our mobile site. In fact, we experimented with about 15 different design concepts before we finally found the one we felt fit the best with the content we share. The goal was to make sure that the entire experience was cohesive with a high level of detail and a focus on increased clarity. We also wanted to make sure that the design was both touch-friendly and incredibly vibrant. The design adapts to all mobile screen sizes and is an absolute dream to use. We've even included a swipe-enabled featured article bar with the articles' featured image prominently displayed. Take a look:

Focus on Content

With Trade Street USA 9, we made a conscious effort to put a great deal of focus on the content that we share each and every day. Now, you can search for articles based on article category, keyword and date. We’ve even tweaked the desktop design in many ways to make social sharing, navigation and some of your other favorite Trade Street USA features even more enjoyable. The best part about this is that all of the search features on the desktop version has been moved to the bottom of the desktop page to make navigation AND search even simpler allowing you to find and enjoy content quickly.

As for finding new content, beyond simply searching for it, we have programmed a new "related articles" feature that will show you other articles on Trade Street USA that you may find interesting, based on what you are currently reading.

Lastly, we've streamlined the navigation bar above our beautiful banner and we've added a new "Tips" link that takes you to all of the incredibly popular "Tip of the Day" articles.

Photo Sharing Improvements

Our focus on the content also includes some really great new features for sharing photos. We have finally brought our lightbox effects from the gallery pages to the blog which means that if you want to view a photo in a size larger than a thumbnail, all you have to do is click on the photo and a larger version will show up instantly, without changing pages.

Forum Tweaks

We are excited to share that some changes have been made to our beloved forum community as well. Specifically, we've tweaked the sub-forums to make way for a brand new feature: Photo Album. With Photo Album, you can share your Disney Collectible photos, Disney parks family photos and ride photos with our amazing community.

Other Changes Include:

  • Video gallery is now available on mobile devices, using HTML5 technology
  • Removal of the Popular Topics bar in favor of the categories dropdown in the footer
  • Desktop and Mobile font have been changed system-wide

Check out all the new changes at the brand new today!