Mickey's Avenue 3.3 Released

Mickey's Avenue version 3.3 has been released with a number of human interface improvements.

  • Added Archive page, with link in NavBar, to replace Search & Quick Preview
  • New sub-page design language with bold page titles above content
  • Updated font, font weight and font size in Announcement Bar above header
  • Decreased header space above the site name
  • Decreased spacing below the tagline
  • Expanded the width of all blog content
  • Expanded the width of Colophon content (ie. About page)
  • Changed font modification in blog titles from uppercase to capitalized
  • Decreased the contrast of divider lines throughout the site
  • Removed search and spacer code from footer

Mickey's Avenue 3.2 Released

Mickey's Avenue version 3.2 has been released with updates to the functionality of the site as well as upgrades to our back-end systems.


We've added the ability to use Search and Quick Preview to Mickey's Avenue via the dialogue box in the footer of the site.

Search uses Squarespace's search algorithm to help you find the content you're looking for with ease. Quick Preview allows you to see snippets of the content you might be search for below the search bar as you type to save you time.

As we introduce new features to the site this summer, Search and Quick Preview will help you get the most out of every visit to Mickey's Avenue.

Additional Changes

  • Pomegranate accents added to blog and body code
  • Syndication has been enabled
  • Removal of archived pages from the server

Mickey's Avenue 3.1.1 Re-Released

Mickey's Avenue 3.1.1 has been released with minor improvements and refinements

  • Removed Community Page, Link now leads directly to Reddit
  • Removed Banner from Footer
  • Added a contact button on About page
  • Update the font of the Blog titles
  • Change spacing in footer
  • URLs in Navigation have a new hover color; Pomegranate (ie. Soft Red)
  • Social Icons in Footer are now standard colors for identifcation

Mickey's Avenue 3.1 Released

Mickey's Avenue 3.1 has been released with minor refinements and simplicity improvements.

  • Added an Announcement Banner to Header for Community
  • Re-written Community Page with simplified instructions.
  • Phased testing of a direct Community link in NavBar.
  • Updated footer font size and spacing.
  • Replaced Advertisement in footer with Community Graphics
  • Added Version Number to the About page that links to the Changelog.

Mickey's Avenue 3.0 Released

We are incredibly pleased to finally unveil Mickey's Avenue 3.0 with an all-new design, brand new blog and so much more.


With Mickey's Avenue 3, we have reintroduced a blog to the site but with an-all new twist for us. Rather than trying to break the news, we're going to provide our commentary on it.

We'll be linking to trusted news sources, providing a snippet of their article, and sharing our own thoughts on the latest news and notes regarding all things Disney.

To learn more, click here.


With Mickey's Avenue 3, we're introducing a brand new user interface for the first time in over 3 years with a focus on the content and a design that makes colorful graphics POP. Take a look around!


Finally, we're also introducing brand new logos which were created by our good friend and graphic designer Jeffrey Rey of JReyDesigns.com

Pardon our Pixie Dust

Today we are announcing an extensive refurbishment of MickeysAvenue.com that will be completed in May.

During the refurbishment, the user interface will be stripped down with very little color (ie. personality) and a lot of Tinkerbell graphics asking you to Pardon our Pixie Dust. We promise it's only temporary.

To give you some insight into what we're working toward, check out the sneak previews of our new blog and community.

See you in May.